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Isle of Eden Reviews!

Updated March 10, 2007

Double Whipped Sugar Scrub:I'm probably going to become addicted. The texture is creamy like sherbert, and it gently exfoliates while turning into a lovely lather. My skin was gently scented and soft as silk when I was done! I hadn't scrubbed in quite a while, and this was the perfect treat for my stressed out self! I'm in love.

Sugar Me Body Mists: Long lasting fine mist that isn't sticky or greasy. When I wear this, I just spray it throughout the day, and the mist is so fine I even use it to mist my sheets and hair with.

Perfume Roll-ons: Wonderfully packaged, great long lasting roll-ons. not greasy at all. Love these!

Eden's Mist (body spray): I bought one of these for my sister and have sneaked a couple uses. It seems a bit more moisturizing than the sugar me sprays, and is thus slightly more moisturizing. Very good product, and holds scent well.

Perfume Shooters: Great way to try different scents. I ordered them before they were premade scent groups though. Some people find these to be too oily, but they work for me. I get tons of applications in one jar!

Sugar Me Pink: I am absolutely in love with this scent! It's a gorgeous blend of pink sugar and coconut, with a touch of sweet marshmallow! Not one note overpowers the other! Truly lovely, I want everything in this!

Pink Peppermint Stick: I got this in a roll on. At first I was not too sure about it, but I saw that it was pink sugar and decided to give it a try! Aaaand I love it! It's gorgeous pink sugar with a touch of mint and candy cane sweetness! It dries down to a sweet pink sugar, and is lovely. It doesn't last as long as the body mists, but I don't mind reapplying since the roll on is so convenient and portable!!! I love this scent!!!!

Of a Princess (VW Dupe): I don't know what it is about this scent but I am in love with it. I got a sample scrub in it, and I'm definitely going to get a perfume...or more. It's a very pretty girly scent that isn't overly sweet or floral. It's warm and lovely and very much a ME scent. I can't really describe it but it's just perfect. Definitely give this one a try!

Holiday LE Scents:

Frosty Mint Goddess: This is a gorgeous minty scent that is far from metallic or plasticky. It makes my skin feel cool and tingly when I apply it (I have it in a perfume shooter) and it starts off minty, then blends into a sweet creamy scent with a touch of mint. Very comforting, universal scent! I can see myself using this a lot. I bet itt'd be divinely refreshing in a hair product!!!

Pink Snowflakes: This scent is amazing! My favorite thus far I think! A perfect blend of mint, cotton candy, and sweet marshmallow. So girly and fun, and the touch of mint in the beginning really makes it special. I might need this in a full sized product! (very sad this is DCed :( )

Christmas Eve: This is a very delicious, cozy scent. A great blend of all the notes, and dries down to a lovely sweet scent of sugar plums and chocolate. Very indulgent and festive. I only wore this one for a little while the other night to try it out, but it's very nice!

Gingerbread Milkshake: I got this in a perfume shooter and I wasn't too sure about this scent at first. It's very foodie and not overly spicy at all. It's a very true gingerbread scent, but in the bottle the buttercream came off to me as very mapley which I'm not that into. On my skin however, it turned into a delicious sweet icing scent on top of gingerbread! Much better than I expected! Definitely a yummy holiday scent for those who love a foody treat!

North Pole: Got this in the double sugar scrub and it is wonderfully sweet and refreshing! It's fluffy and blue and smells like creamy mint with white chocolate! Neither one is overpowering and its just delicious! This holiday collection will definitely be missed!!!

Winter Cocoa: Creamy chocolate scent that is so warm and cozy. I love layering this with the BBW Wickedly Hot chocolate lotion!
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