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Because I'm the Princess That's Why!

Because I'm the Princess Reviews!

Perfume Roll ons: Love the high quality packaging of these with the metal caps! Very classy. Will add more when I use!

Royal Satin & Silk Body Lotion:This formula is divine. Its more like a cream, and is very moisturizing but not greasy at all. Wonderful

Baby Me Grace Type: Dead on dupe of Philosophy Baby Grace. Can't wait to wear this! So gentle and pretty.

Lavender Poundcake: wearing this now... not sure. My first reaction was desitin, LOL. I like the smell of desitin, so I'm strange, but on, it smells a little play doughy, but a bit sweeter. It's a very unique cozy, sweet scent. I like it. It's very different.

Cake Batter: At first sniff I just got very sweet and vanilla-y. This will go with so much. Excited to try it.

Hot Nilla cocoanut: Creamy chocolate so far. will update when I wear it.

Violet Crumble Cheesecake: burning this now. still have to get a feel for it, but smells sweet and feminine. Very nice.

Coming Soon
Cloud 9, Red Velvet Cake, Kiwi Lime sherbert (freebie), Supercalifragilistic, Kara's konfectionary sweet cake, Cinnamon frosting type

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