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Suds & Light Reviews!

*Shea Deluxe body lotion- My favorite lotion so far. Very creamy, very moisturizing, takes a moment to soak in, but great to rub in, and holds scent well!

Shea & Aloe Cream (discontinued)- The thickest of her creams that I've tried. To me the texture was identical to the Jaqua cocoa whip. Great for night time use, takes some rubbing in. Holds scent well.

Body Mist: Great mist quality, no streams here! Long lasting, moisturizing scent!

Linen Mist: Gentle, long lasting for fabrics, but can scent up a whole room! Amazing product!

Soft & Silky Hand Cream: Not mositurizing, but left hands soft. All scents turned brown and had a strange spicy undertone. The only product I wouldn't repurchase!

Tarts: Amazing true scents with great throw!

Brown Sugar body scrub- This is a wonderful product! It is pretty dry for a scrub, not a lot of oil, and I found I dropped quite a bit in the shower. But overall, it made my skin softer than with any other scrub! The brown sugar is so gentle, it didn't hurt my sensitive skin

Goat's Milk Lotion: Very similar to Bissy's formula. Less greasy than the shea deluxe, holds scent well and soaks in very quickly!

Coconut Cream Pie*-shea deluxe- Buttery coconut with hint of pie crust, dries down to a yummy creamy coconut. Perfect! Summer staple!

Pink Flamingo- Fruity cherry and orange, smells like lifesavers, dries down to a fruity vanilla. nice.

Dreamsicle (not SB type) shea deluxe- Like juicy orange creamsavers. Dries down to citrusy vanilla. very nice.

Chai Tea*- featherlite souffle- Dead on to my powdered chai mix creamy and spicy! Delicious!

Sugar Coated Pie Crust- tart- baked, buttery cookie scent! Excellent throw! Drool worthy

Glazed Donut*- souffle- sweeter, more foody warm vanilla sugar scent. give it a chance, it's oddly addicting once you let it settle.

Lemon Drop Cookie- shea & aloe- warm baked scent. Not "pledgy", hint of spice? Nice, but not a fave.

Pink Sugar-body mist- Foody sweet with a woodsy hint. Had to give this one a few tries. Finally turned to a sweet fragrance with only slight woods note. Very nice! Give it a chance!

Carribean- souffle-Goes on smelling like almost fake pineapple, but dries down to a delicious coconut vanilla. Another summer staple! (ETA: this was one of the first scents I ever used up in a body cream!)

Pina Colada tart- Perfect coconut, pineapple blend. Sweeter than carribean. Great summer scent. Good throw!

Coconut bay- tart- tropical, sweet and fresh, but not really a natural coconut scent. good throw but not super long lasting.

Pink Grapefruit- brown sugar scrub-Great tart grapefruit scent.

April Fresh- linen mist- Cozy, light almost floral laundry scent! Love spraying my sheets with this!

Vanilla Pumpkin For those on the search for the ultimate creamy pumpkin scent, you MUST try this! It's a delicious warm, foody creamy scent, with just the tiniest hint of spice, not overpowering at all! I love it!

Christmas Cookie- A delicious sweet cookie scent with a hint of baked scent! This one doesn't turn on my skin! Definitely a keeper.

Chocolate chip cookie:shea deluxe This was exactly what I had hoped for! It's a perfect blend of buttery cookie, with a touch of chocolate. no extra weird notes like some choc. chip cookie scents have!

Sugar Plum: goat's milk lotion Interesting, fun scent. Candylike sweet (my friend said air freshener), with a hint of spice. almost candle-like, but wearable. I like it, but it isn't in the top faves.

Irish Mocha: goats milk lotion In the tube, a nice creamy coffee scent, but turned weird on my skin, maybe I need to give it a second chance.

Cupcake: shea deluxe. This got tons of raves, so I tried it. Sadly it is divine in itself, but turns a bit funny on me, slightly plastic, but still wearable. good for layering.

Bamboo & Sugarcane: A good fresh, crisp scent, but has a strange woodsy note that I'm not a huge fan of. Not a favorite...but it would be if it weren't for that.

Creamy cotton candy- I adore cotton candy scents, and this is perfect. Sweet and creamy without being too sweet. Excellent for summer!

DKNY Be Delicious dupe- A lot like the original, but longer lasting. Fruity, floral, wonderful for spring!

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